Rachel Berry RPer. Sometimes Berry twin and one day I'll venture to playing someone else. It'll happen... maybe. Obsessed with Lea Michele, major mutli-shipper, and overall just someone trying to get by and have fun.
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msleamichele “To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides” 

Darren Criss photobombing Lea Michele at the American Horror Story: Freakshow premiere on October 5th, 2014.


Under the cut you will find #153 LOOKALIKE PHOTOS that could pass as RACHEL BERRY/LEA MICHELE WORKING OUT. There are photos of girls using the more traditional gym equipment and doing other forms of exercise, e.g. ballet, yoga, cycling, etc. There are quite a few M/F and F/F COUPLE and GROUP PHOTOS and a handful of generic gym outfit and equipment photos too. Finally, I have added an EXTRA #45 PHOTOS posted on social media of Lea exercising, mainly hiking as that is her life. 

All the photographs have been re-sized by me so they are 500x500, as fitting with instagram posts, but I can provide the original version upon request. While none of the photos are my own, I did spend quite a bit of time finding and editng them, and so please LIKE AND/OR REBLOG if you use this hunt in any way.  

- Admin L

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Me: *hears child cry*
Me: *puts headphones in*

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